Bright M Productions is a Production Company offering a wide range of stunning locations, props, accommodation, transport and catering.

After two decades of experience in the field of photo and film production service in the Balearic area, Bright M Productions offers an exclusive and high quality service on an outstanding professional level.

With its excellent climate, great locations and stunning light, as well as its reliable infrastructure, the Mediterranean area offers great possibilities to carry out high quality projects.

These ideal factors together with the most updated technical equipment and internationally recognized crews mean Bright M can offer a fully fledged and flexible à la carte service with the opportunity for our clients to choose exactly what they are after.

Through our good relationship with town halls and the local authorities all over the Balearic Islands, Bright M provides our clients with the confidence that full licences have been organised previous to each and every shoot.
We have the know how and connections to obtain anything from standard to specific permits for our clientele.

SPOT (Photo) & Lighthouse (Film)